Mögliche Probleme nach Update des Mobile Authenticator unter iOS7

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Mögliche Probleme nach Update des Mobile Authenticator unter iOS7

Der Mobile Authenticator wird demnächst ein Update erhalten, welches bei Apple unter iOS7 zu ein paar Probleme führen könnte. Es sollten Vorkehrungen getroffen werden, damit ihr den Mobile Authenticator auch nach dem Update problemlos weiterverwenden könnt. Customer Service Forum Poster Vrakthris hat dazu einige Tipps:

  1. Damit ihr euren Authenticator problemlos mit dem Handy wieder entkoppeln könnt, falls es doch zu Problemen kommt, solltet ihr euch für den kostenlosen SMS-Schutz-Service im Battle.net eintragen.
  2. Um nach dem Update euren Mobile Authenticator wiederherstellen zu können, schreibt euch vorher einfach unter den App-Einstellungen die Seriennummer und den Wiederherstellungscode auf.
  3. Nach dem Update kann es sein, dass ihr euren Mobile Authenticator mit einem Klick auf  das Kreis-Pfeil-Symbol resynchronisieren müsst.

Hier die original Meldung aus dem amerikanischen Forum:

We will be releasing an update to the Battle.net Mobile Authenticator for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) starting May 6, 2014. As always during these updates, to avoid any potential login issues we recommend being prepared by taking steps to back up your authenticator! Various recovery options are listed below, as well as in our Authenticator Troubleshooting guide.

Resyncing the App

One of the first troubleshooting steps is to ensure that your app is synced with the authentication server. For Mobile App, this is extremely easy to do! From the code screen, click the circular arrows in the bottom left of the screen. A message saying “Syncing…..” will display, followed shortly by “Sync Successful.”

SMS Protect 

SMS Protect is a free service offered that allows you an extra layer of protection on your account, as well as accessibility features that are helpful in emergency situations, such as needing to remove a lost or stolen authenticator. (Your phone carrier’s standard rates for text messages apply.) When SMS Protect is enabled on your account, you can visit the Authenticator Removal page to disable your Authenticator, and SMS Protect will send you a verification code to ensure that no changes are made to your account without your knowledge. This code will allow the authenticator be removed without needing to contact a Game Master. It’s quick and easy, and will get you playing again ASAP! To enroll in SMS Protect, visit the Security Options Tab in Account Management, and click on Battle.net SMS Protect.

Authenticator Restore Codes

In the event that you do not have SMS Protect, you can use the Restore feature to recover a previous version of your codes attached to a serial number. This step requires some preemptive preparation:

      1. In the application menu, select Setup.
      2. Select Continue
      3. Write down the Serial and Restore codes.

Blizzard will never ask you for your restore code, although we may ask to verify a serial number.

If you need to restore the app, follow these steps:

      1. In the application menu, select Restore
      2. Select Restore – I want to perform a restoration.
      3. Enter the previous serial number and restore code.
    4. Select Submit.

Contacting Customer Support

Our Support Agents are also available to assist with removing your authenticator. Customer Support for authenticator removal is available 24/7 through Tickets, or during select hours for Phone Callback and Live Chat. To speak with a Support Agent, visit our Customer Support Portal and select:

Battle.net > I can’t log in. > I want to remove my authenticator.

Note: Select a channel and click “Continue without logging in” and complete the form to the best of your ability. If you don’t remember your Secret Question and answer, enter “I don’t know” and our Customer Support team will verify you during the conversation.

Quelle: us.battle.net